Before I started my private practice, I worked at a treatment center where every Counselor was required to provide 1 group a week. I could not stand to do the ho hum typical coping mechanism type group..they bored me to death. So I decided that I would provide a motivational group every week and the topic would change every week....[ read more ]

A miracle happened while you were asleep last night! You woke up this morning and your dream life has happened…

A miracle happened in the middle of the night and you woke up and your miracle life has happened! You realize your awake, you are lying in bed and your eyes are closed but your not asleep do you know your miracle happened before you open your eyes? This is an exercise that allows you to stretch towards your...[ read more ]

Are you Addicted or Dependent on your Prescription Medication?

It makes me feel really old to have to admit this but I have really high blood pressure. I look healthy on the outside but I hover around 160/100 and that's on a good day.  I take multiple blood pressure combinations of medications to keep me closer to 120/80 like everybody else. My blood pressure laughs at my efforts to...[ read more ]

You may be surprised how I discuss drugs with my own children?  

In my 10 years of Substance Abuse Counseling, I have done hundreds probably close to a  thousand of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assessments. Every assessment is very thorough and takes a looong time for both myself and my not so happy client sitting in front of me. I have taken extensive drug history's from hundreds of individuals ranging in...[ read more ]


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