Caring For Elderly Parents: How To Manage Impossible Situations.

If you are reading this please hear me. You are in an impossible situation. I sympathize with you and want to say I commend you for doing the extremely difficult job of caring for an aging or terminal family member. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better for you. I hear and see you...[ read more ]

Weightloss Psychology 101

I have been tricked into clicking on so many blogs that have a picture of a tan, beautiful, muscular woman with 20 pack abs just to read the same old stuff....Sit ups, crunches, cut out sugar, alcohol, blah blah blah..boring! I happen to like my cookies and wine not necessarily together, but nonetheless I do not intend to ever stop...[ read more ]

Passion, Purpose, Profits: Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession.

My Journey of turning my passion into a sucessful and thriving practice started with a big dose of humble pie. I grew up with a twice divorced mother who never stopped asking me what I wanted to do when I grew up...she was relentless on this subject! I can hear her now... "Maybe you should be a nurse..there is always...[ read more ]

You Can Be A Champion. Lessons From Rocky To Reach Your Goals.

I love Rocky.  I can hear the theme song. Snow. Siberia. Dragging tree logs through the snow. The Russians. The fight.. ....And a little old man named Mickey. Rocky had an amazing trainer. Little scrappy hard nosed Mickey. Mickey shoved cutips up Rocky nose, held his spit bucket, and most importantly said a hundred times.. "Rock you are a champion."...[ read more ]

Finding Peace with Uncertainty and Managing Your Fears for the Future.

Many people are starting to question their certainty of the future of our country. The recent election has caused a lot turmoil and insecurity. I understand this feeling very well. I have had my fair share of uncertainty and fears for my future. My big one would be in 2004: The year I got married in Las Vegas and had...[ read more ]

Teens: The Dramatic Rise of Anxiety and Depression  among our Youth.

Facebook did not like my previous blog on teenagers, social media, and substance abuse. So they blocked it. I am guessing they didn't like me using the specific names of substances that kids abuse. Which goes against my personal opinion... But... I don't want this one to be blocked... so I am going to play nice. My previous blog can still...[ read more ]

MYSPY: Parents You Are Not Doing Your Job! Parenting a Teenager. Part 3.

Yep. I said it.  Take this painful shot parents. It will hurt at first but it will protect your children from getting very sick.  I see sick teenagers every week.  They are not happy. They are sad. Distant. Disconnected to emotions. Apathetic. The iphone is pushing our kids into grown up salacious topics and behaviors that they should not and do...[ read more ]

The Best Prescription For Anxiety and Depression… Is Written on a Hot Pink Sticky Note!

I see and hear you everyday if you are experiencing feelings of  hopelessness, fear, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, tiredness, unhappy, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin...  If that sounds like you then you are suffering with Anxiety and Depression. Good News! It's not disease. You can feel better without medication in a really short period of time. I will admit I...[ read more ]

“Think Forward” Parenting a Teenager..Part Two.

If you read my part one blog and took my advice it's guaranteed that your teenager has asked you to stop reading that crazy counselors blog. If so, keep up the good work. You can blame it on me all day. The first part of navigating through parenting your newly terrible teen is about restablishing "Who the Boss?" This does...[ read more ]

Who’s The Boss…Parenting a Teenager. Part One.

I have countless parents coming in for help and advice on what to do about their terrible teen..and I say the same thing every time you are not alone..they are all terrible teens. I won't lie. You guys are starting to freak me out a little bit. I have two girls 9 and 11 yrs I am seeing my...[ read more ]


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