Yep. I said it. 

Take this painful shot parents. It will hurt at first but it will protect your children from getting very sick. 

I see sick teenagers every week. 

They are not happy. They are sad. Distant. Disconnected to emotions. Apathetic.

The iphone is pushing our kids into grown up salacious topics and behaviors that they should not and do not want to know, see or hear. 

Inevitably, due to peer pressure, they  start to see this as normal. 

Our kids become desensitized into an unhealthy lifestyle that denigrates any acceptance for a balanced and much needed Spiritual and Family Structure.

Complying with the group trends of these iphone applications leads to substance abuse and very dangerous mental health consequences.

 Losing your innocents too fast whether physically abused or by neglect is equally harmful. Think about that statement. 

Not monitoring your child’s iphone usage could be neglect. You are not doing your job.

 Our kids are taking too much Adderall during the day and are smoking pot to calm their anxiety from being too hyped up all day. 

Parents when you decide to read  your teens text look for the term “Dab Pens.” They are the new teen THC rage. They are illegal forms of marijuana use. 

 Marijuana and Alcohol are not good for your child!  

They are 13,14,15,16 years old and are self medicating. The girls are just as bad but they are digging Zanax, Molly, Promethazine Cocktails. 

 They all find their drug dealers and do deals all the time through Snap Chat, Whats App, GroupMe..and more.

Teenagers are using extremely high tech ways to become dangerously sneaky at alarming rates. Technology has eclipsed the sneaking out of the house old days routines. 

Listen up Mom and Dad. 

Your about to hear some really scary stuff. I hope it scares you into action. I have way too many smart, popular, attractive and very wealthy teenagers that are using disturbing techniques to get into trouble.

If your kid is making good grades and seems happy and well adjusted you better sit up straight and listen…

I guarantee your kid is doing and saying things you would never believe unless you saw it with your own eyes. 

I am going to show you exactly how to do that. See it with your own eyes. If you think they are just being kids then take a  look and prove me wrong.

I know your teenager has a smart phone. But do you really know what they are doing with them?

 If you don’t have the app MYSpy then you don’t have a clue what is really going on with your teens circle of friends. 

Your teen is upstairs in their bedroom using Snapchat, GroupMe, What’s App, and other devious ways to communicate that I have not yet to catch wind of yet….but I will don’t worry…

Do you know what they are talking about? 

I do and it’s not good!!!

 In fact, it’s downright disturbing. Your sweet darling maybe in a GroupMe that sends a heads up when the school decides to do a random drug test today.  A Cue for everyone to grab their stash of easily available fake urine, pop open the Hot Hands “used for hunting of course” and start warming it up. 

SnapChat inventors should be locked up if you ask me.

This is a great way for teens to discuss everything from “meet me for a smoke”or for girls to send your son pictures that would make a porn star blush. This is not the bad kids. This is your kids, the good kids.

 If you are paying ridiculously high property taxes I am talking to YOU. Don’t believe me?? 

Then I dare you to take a look at your kids browser history, texts, SnapChats, GroupMe, What’s App.

You tell them you are going to upload an app that follows their location. Then you  connect your icloud to your teens icloud and download this app. They will never know the difference. Trust me they think you are clueless and a total idiot.

If your teen has zero or very little browsing history, text, deleted Snapchat, etc..BE VERY CONCERNED

They are purposefully deleting their conversations for a reason. Wake up. Your teenagers think you are completely oblivious. I know…they tell me all the time. 

Well guess what kiddos the gig is up.  If  I have hand in getting  half of Birmingham’s teenagers grounded simultaneously.  I will have done my job.

( This blog would not exist without the wonderful parents that have helped me piece the ever changing pieces of teenage sneakiness together. The parents that see me… love their children as much as anyone else. They know when they need help. You can not quit parenting your child. This is the last 3 miles of your marathon of life as a parent. Do not stop now. )

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