I have been tricked into clicking on so many blogs that have a picture of a tan, beautiful, muscular woman with 20 pack abs just to read the same old stuff….Sit ups, crunches, cut out sugar, alcohol, blah blah blah..boring!

I happen to like my cookies and wine not necessarily together, but nonetheless I do not intend to ever stop having either.

So Here Are My Tips: They may help you lose weight and feel great without boring you to tears.

“For the record, I am not a nutritionist, so if you have health or mobility problems this may not be the best advice for you. So save yourself the time of sending me a dirty email and just stop reading.”

If I go on a diet, which I stopped doing a long time ago, you can guarantee that 3 days into it you will find me somewhere with a empty sleeve of Ritz crackers and a big jar of peanut butter.

That’s probably because I threw out all the really good stuff 3 days earlier. But I would inevitably be binging on Ritz Crackers and Peanut butter.

For the record, I am barely holding on to my 30’s with my pinky finger and I have been trying to figure out my own weight loss psychology for my whole life.

But I finally did 2 years ago!

Here are the TRICKS I have learned along the way to look good in my skinny jeans..which is really what matters the most, right?

Tip #1: When your eating listen out for your sigh.

The brain and stomach are not in sync when we eat. It takes a while for our stomach to tell our brain when we are full. So what happens is we overeat and feel disgustingly full by the time they have finished communicating with each other.

Listen for your sigh. 

When you are eating and halfway through you take a deep breath in and exhale in the form of a sigh..Stop eating your stomach just said your full!!

Put a napkin over your food if you have to or take a 5 minute break..I promise you will not be hungry and you can still button your pants. Can I get an Amen?

Tip # 2: Eat your Cake, Cookies, Potato chips, French Fries whatever but for breakfast only! 

But You have to consume 20 oz of skim milk while you eat it.

 Repeat after me. I must drink 2 mugs of skim milk with my breakfast of cookies and potato chips.

I love cookies. Everyone knows this about me. My children hide their cookies from me because they know I will eat them unapologetically. I have a handful every morning but I get my protein because of the milk.

Switch your milk to Lactose free. 

Trust me. Women can not digest milk. It makes us bloated..the pop your pant buttons bloated or the I look seriously pregnant bloated. Its the dairy. I know.

Tip # 3 If you Must Eat fast food or go out to dinner only Eat Half!

Seriously, you know eating out and fast food is bad for your diet. Make a decision today to only eat half of anything you eat out..I know people are starving in Africa but the buttons on your pants will thank you. I know what your thinking…but what if it’s a small happy meal? Repeat after me…only half. The birds of the world will Thank you..chunk it out the window. The food not paper of course.

Tip #4 If it doesn’t come from the ground or an animal don’t eat it.

I love this rule. You can eat hamburger, steak, porkchops, chicken, fish, yogurt, milk, cheese, peanuts, fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes and wine…wine comes from the vine right? I tell myself it’s okay.

Science has proven that protein stops cravings. So the more you eat the less likely you will crave those cookies and potato chips.

Remember you can always have them for breakfast with milk.

If  you really want those skinny jeans to fit..stick to this rule.

Tip #5 Stop doing Cardio.

Cardio is great but it makes you really hungry. I hate being hungry. Lift weights only.

Join a class. Every circuit training class I have ever taken consist of a bunch of old ladies. If they can do it you can.

Stop thinking every class at Golds Gym is a bunch of meat heads grunting. Its all women. Old women. If you can lift a can of green beans you can do these classes.

Repeat after me. 3 days of circuit training a week. Not Crossfit! Circuit training.

Your muscles will continue to burn calories while you sleep. Your milk and hamburgers will increase your muscles and expedite this caloric burn. If you don’t sweat you won’t need to increase your intake in food and protein will drop your cravings! Your heart rate will increase and your muscles will build but your hunger won’t. Can I get an Amen?

These are simple easy tips to get a good jump start on feeling good in your clothes. Its so important that we feel good in our own skin. 

Feel good again in your skinny jeans!

We can help. 

Call CLR Group, LLC. We will help you achieve your highest potential.

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