How to Help a Loved One Suffering from Depression

Watching a loved one suffer from depression is incredibly difficult. All you want to do is help them feel better. But when it becomes obvious you can’t take their pain away, you can become frustrated.As a friend or family member of someone suffering from depression, it’s important to remember that your loved one is dealing with a real medical condition...[ read more ]

Why Most People Misunderstand Depression

Of all the words in the English language, depression must be one of the most misunderstood. Why does this term seem to confuse so many people? Why is its real meaning so hard to grasp? It is because the term has two starkly contrasting meanings, depending on who is using it.Among clinicians, the term depression is used to describe a...[ read more ]

Afraid of Failure? Here’s Advice on Coping with Failure

Fear of failure causes us to put the brakes on our life. When we’re so afraid of failing at something, we either don’t try at all, or we subconsciously undermine or own efforts to avoid an even bigger failure. Without question, fear of failure is immobilizing and, when we allow it to dictate our choices and sit on the sidelines, we miss...[ read more ]

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

It’s rare that any of us will get through life without experiencing anxiety at some point. But some people have the burden of dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. Whether it’s over something big or insignificant, anxiety stops us from living a normal life full of joy and potential.Here are 5 ways you can begin reducing your anxiety:1. Recognize...[ read more ]

What Addiction Experts Wish Every Parent Knew

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world – if not the toughest. After all, children do not come with manuals or operating instructions. Looking for guidance, many parents turn to their own childhoods to pick up clues on how to raise children the right way, or at the very least, how not to raise them the wrong way.But times change. Childhoods of...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Recognize Addiction Before it Takes Over

Drug and alcohol use in this country is on the rise, with over 23 million Americans addicted. To put that into clearer perspective, that’s one in every ten people in the United States over the age of 12 that are currently struggling with substance abuse.But what is addiction exactly, and how can we recognize the symptoms?Drug addiction, or substance use...[ read more ]

Shedding Your Shame: Opioid Addiction

Shame is the hardest emotion for me as a counselor to see on a clients face.  It always stops me in my tracks. It is a raw painful emotion that shows on some of the most expressionless faces. As a Professional Counselor, this vulnerability is palpable. You can feel the sadness and despair of shame more than any other emotion....[ read more ]

Illegally Blonde: The Not So Great Approach To Stop Heroin Overdose.

I am about to be on the bad side of a whole lot of people. I will most likely spend a lot of money on Starbucks gift cards to personally smooth things over with my Community leaders if they read this blog.. But the truth is that.. I CAN NOT go to another City Town Hall meeting and discuss the...[ read more ]

Caring For Elderly Parents: How To Manage Impossible Situations.

If you are reading this please hear me. You are in an impossible situation. I sympathize with you and want to say I commend you for doing the extremely difficult job of caring for an aging or terminal family member. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better for you. I hear and see you...[ read more ]

Weightloss Psychology 101

I have been tricked into clicking on so many blogs that have a picture of a tan, beautiful, muscular woman with 20 pack abs just to read the same old stuff....Sit ups, crunches, cut out sugar, alcohol, blah blah blah..boring! I happen to like my cookies and wine not necessarily together, but nonetheless I do not intend to ever stop...[ read more ]


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