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Freedom Technique (EFT) or commonly referred to as “Tapping”

What is EFT tapping for anxiety? Where can I receive EFT tapping near Birmingham?
Have you heard of tapping before? I hadn’t either until about four years ago. Also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), tapping for anxiety is…well, exactly what it sounds like. It’s a brain/body/emotions reprogramming technique where you tap gently on different parts of the body with your fingertips while you repeat a phrase out loud and pay attention to your emotions.

Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it?

thought so too – until I tried it. I’ve found tapping to be a very simple stress relief technique that works amazingly well on anxiety. It may seem strange. You may even feel foolish the first time you try it, but that minor discomfort is more than worth it. Because tapping for anxiety really does work and our holistic health therapists in Mountain Brook offer professional tapping therapy to our clients.

How Does EFT Therapy for Anxiety Work?

It’s not known exactly why tapping does such a good job of calming anxiety. It’s similar to acupuncture and acupressure in that it stimulates what traditional Chinese medicine calls meridian points. These are energy points along the body that our chi (life force energy) gets trapped in. Tapping is believed to increase the overall flow of chi by getting it unstuck from these points.

Plus, tapping is form of comforting, self-soothing touch. Humans touch, hold, pat, and rub each other and ourselves for comfort. We just naturally reach out for touch to comfort and for simple stress relief…and we always have. Like food, touch is a universal form of emotional nourishment that we all need. EFT provides one way we can better learn to give this to ourselves.

Call to schedule an appointment for holistic treatment or EFT therapy in the Birmingham, AL area to learn how you can learn and begin to utilize this simple wellness technique in your own daily life!

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